Team - Magnet Carp Baits



Creator and founder of the Magnet Baits line, born in 1978 in Modena (Italy), Enrico has been working full-time in the carp fishing sector since 2003. As an extremely curious carp angler who is always looking for new experiences and adventures, he has fished and caught carp in three different continents and more than 17 countries. Enrico has a great passion for fishing in rivers and in all large expanses of water in general. He now lives at world-famous Lake Bled, where he established Forge Tackle in 2018 and started the Magnet Baits project in 2020.


Marco Bortone

Originally from the province of Vicenza, Marco has been passionate about fishing for as long as he can remember. He first started carp fishing in the early 2000s. His first catches came from local small quarry lakes and rivers, but he soon focused his attention on large lakes, investing his energies in exploring fishing basins all over Italy, but not only: France, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary became the destinations for his regular fishing trips. Fond of photography and taking videos, he loves to use his camera lens to describe his adventures.


Tomislav Sestak

An experienced carp angler, who was born and grew up in Koprivnica, Croatia. Tomislav, also known as ‘Tomo’, has been a carp angler for 25 years. Throughout these years, he has taken part in competitions and caught fish in lakes and rivers in Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia, Germany, France and Spain, with extremely positive results. Tomislav was involved in developing the Magnet range from the very first stage, testing various prototypes of baits in all kinds of waters, helping us reach our goal with an end product that we can confidently say is excellent.


Danny Stanmore

Originally from London, UK, Danny has been living in France for 22 years, where he has spent most of his life working in the carp fishing industry. He has had a great passion for fishing from an early age thanks to the passion handed down from his father.
Over the years, he has fished in countless waters in all corners of Europe, gaining a wealth of experience. Danny also worked as a manager for several carp fisheries in France, including the renowned Iktus Ruffaud, where he was manager for two years. During this time, he was in charge of everything from setting up fishing spots to looking after the fish stock, taking bookings and so on. He currently spends most of his time fishing and looking after his lakes, where he breeds and raises carp. We can say that Danny practically lives among carp!


Gianluca Alessio

Gianluca has been passionate about fishing since he was a child. All his life he has nurtured this passion, de-veloped year after year, and acquired experience and a “sense of water” that, we can say, very few other people have. Gianluca is always on the lookout for new challenges, and he has fished all over Europe over the years. He has also cast his fishing lines in Asia, Africa and the USA, amassing a photo album that leaves you speechless.
If you ask him which fishing session has been his most enjoyable and memorable, he will probably say: the one I have yet to experience!


Giulia Grego

Born in a small village near the River Po, where she started her fishing experience, Giulia then moved close to the Slovenian border to join her husband Gianluca.
This great passion of hers has led to her fishing and travelling in many countries such as Spain, Hungary, Morocco, Thailand, Austria and Slovenia. Fond of outdoor life and wide open spaces, Giulia has gained a great deal of experience in recent years, and has caught an impressive number of large carp.


Danny O'Callaghan

Danny was born and grew up in beautiful green Ireland, a land not well known for carp fishing but which has some unique hidden treasures. An avid angler since his childhood days, he grew up catching every kind of fish to be found in his local area. He then entirely devoted himself to catching big fish such as pike and carp. His passion for big carp fishing has led him to visit several European countries such as Spain and Slovenia. Carp fishing can be very difficult in Ireland due to the limited number of waters suited to our technique and, above all, are home to carp. But perseverance always pays off, and when combined with excellent bait, all the better! Danny played a key role in our latest field tests, setting a new record at an extremely difficult lake after prepar-ing his fishing area with two baits containing our CREAM8 Premium and CREAM8 Performance Feeding products. A result that certainly speaks volumes!