Cream8 Premium Boilies 2kg - Magnet Carp Baits

Cream8 Premium Boilies 2kg


Characterized by an aromatic profile totally different from any other bait, very intense sweet and creamy with an almost imperceptible (to the human nose) note of sour cream, Cream8 boilies are conceived to attract the carp quickly and with great continuity. The right balance of proteins and fats makes them an extremely fast and adaptable bait in all situations, even with extremely low water temperatures.


They are particularly fast, thanks to the protein content provided by hydrolysed yeasts in large part soluble and sugars of various types. The further addition of concentrated liquid food capable of providing amino acids and vitamins completes the bait from a nutritional point of view. The addition of the sweetener assisted by a specific taste enhancer for carp completes the olfactory and gustatory aspect, recreating a very attractive sweet creamy note.

This is a bait particularly ‘loaded’ with soluble appealing substances, however it guarantees a good hold on the rig for at least 12-16 hours. We recommend rigging our HOOKBAIT ELT boilies if you want to keep the bait in the water for longer periods, or in the case of a high presence of nuisance fish and/or crayfish.


16mm 2kg, 20mm 2kg, 24mm 2kg