About - Magnet Carp Baits

Much more than a good bait: the welfare of the carp

The MAGNET concept starts from a much more solid and broader basis than the technical and scientific knowledge normally applied in the production of baits for modern carp fishing. The collaboration between professionals in the carp fishing sector with decades of experience in the production of ready-made boilies and one of the largest Italian companies in the animal feed sector has allowed the creation of a truly unique line of baits, that can in no way be compared to the products currently on the market.

In 2020, thinking about proposing a new concept of boilie sounds like a utopian thought. Over many years, small and large companies have developed their secrets on two fronts: the basic necessities of carps and the substances that attract them. Our research has led to the addition of a third element: the welfare of the fish.

When we look at fish in an aquarium, we immediately recognize how those in optimal health attack the food in a ferocious way and grow faster. This depends in large part on the environment where the fish lives, but it can also receive benefits through food intake.

Being a wild animal, the carp knows better than others how to select good food. It does so for the biological value it offers but also for the benefits it can derive from it. The discipline of carp fishing through baiting leads to conditioning the feeding activity of the fish. Can the baiting also offer a detoxifying food that can bring well-perceived benefits to the carp? Our answer is yes!

Much more than a good bait: the welfare of the carp

Magnet Baits has therefore looked beyond any already known paradigm and has partnered with one of the most important factories in Italy specialized in the research, development and production of animal feed. The research and work that has been done for over 35 years by the team of veterinarians who work within it has made it possible to achieve an important insight, based on true scientific knowledge, on the world of animal nutrition. Our great challenge was to merge our carp fishing experience with the food and production knowledge of this company. This was probably the missing piece of the puzzle capable of bringing a new concept of bait.

The development:

It took the Magnet Baits team over 12 months of testing to understand the secrets of this new bait. The most striking finding was a significant and progressive increase in bites, always fishing on the same spot, even with water temperatures below 6 degrees. This happened both in short baiting sessions and in prolonged periods well over three months, a consistency that we had never encountered after so many years of experience with the use of “normal” baits.

The three key factors

Attractiveness, biological value, detoxifying value. The attractive part is mainly determined by the soluble substances present inside the bait, while the energetic part by the use of nutrients with high bioavailability values, that is, easily assimilated. The detoxifying factor, which represents our most important innovation, is determined by the use of technical additives, in order to have fish that is always in shape and, an essential factor for us, ready to eat. Furthermore, let’s not forget the freshness factor: all our baits are produced weekly in small batches, all traceable, to avoid creating high stocks that remain on the shelves for too long. In this way we can guarantee a freshness of the product well above the average.